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A ConnectCI-based portal for the Advancement of Science and Engineering Research
Cyberinfrastructure Community-Wide Mentorship Network

A peer-to-peer program for CI professionals to make connections and exchange knowledge


The CCMNet program is building a network to encourage cyberinfrastructure professionals (CIPs) to adopt best practices for mentorship. The CCMNet connects CIPs through a peer-mentoring network to facilitate and enhance support for research and educational programs that depend on advanced cyberinfrastructure (CI). In this rapidly changing environment, we believe that mentorship is efficient and effective in advancing professional development, sharing community knowledge, and elevating the practice. We are grateful for the NSF's support in making this mentorship opportunity possible and for their commitment to our shared goal of improving the CIP workforce through mentorship.

The CCMNet program will:

  • Partner with mentor-centric programs in the community
  • Collect and share best practices in mentorship
  • Promote an inclusive and diverse CIP community
  • Add to the ConnectCI knowledge base for CIPs

Join CCMNet to advance the practice of mentoring in the CI ecosystem..


Please fill out our Mentor Collaboration Request webform with a brief description of your program and the types of mentors you seek.

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Kevin Brandt, (SD State University),  PI
Torey Battelle (Arizona State University), Co-PI
Marisa Brazil (Arizona State University), Co-PI
Laura Christopherson (Renci), Co-PI
Vikram Gazula (University of Kentucky), Co-PI
Julie Ma (MGHPCC), SP

The (ConnectCI) Portal provides support for a variety of programs in the Research Computing and Data ecosystem, creating opportunities for collaboration and leveraging a consistent, cohesive approach to common challenges.  The CCMNet website will be ConnectCI-based and the program will include an incentive plan to encourage participants to contribute to the crowd-sourced Knowledge Base, where the community can contribute useful documentation, videos and other types of training materials. This common Knowledge Base is visible on all ConnectCI-based sites, including the Campus Champions website, the ACCESS Support Portal and the Northeast, CAREERS, Great Plains and Kentucky Cyberteams. Read more