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Quantum Computing Exploration
I'm looking to share my adventures with all aspects of quantum computing, in both theoretical and applied spaces. Applied examples: integration of QPUs with HPC; research activity, access to systems; running on current platforms. Theoretical: digital and analog approaches.
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Quantum computing continues to evolve from a theoretically sound but practically challenged computational field to one whose extraordinary progress is attracting attention from researchers, engineers, end users and developers, not to mention investors and start-up entrepreneurs who sense its potential to revolutionize certain computational paradigms.  As a physicist and high-performance computing professional who has been fortunate to join the quantum computing movement during this exciting time, I am fully aware of the incredible number of paths to explore in quantum computing; including hardware, software and hybrid quantum/classical environments.  I believe that all of us interested in the field of quantum computing can greatly enhance the overall ecosystem by communicating with each other, listening to novel thoughts ideas, critiquing and elaborating, exploring paths that branch from the original kernel.  As a long-time member of the HPC and physics communities, with a current emphasis on quantum computing, I am eager to work with those who might be newer to this emerging technology than I, and to likewise benefit from others' perspectives.  In a mentor-mentee relationship, I envision a regular cadence of meetings for discussion, both in a general sense and also with a goal toward mutual advancement of professional involvement and development.  




Arizona State University